One of the most powerful and popular advertising tools, Catalogues possess a unique ability to speak effectively about your products and services as well! It acts as an apt tool to maximize your business marketing potential and as an effective weapon for in-depth detailed information in attractive package and eliciting immediate customer response.  No other advertising medium combines in it’s the ability to reach out to customers and generate sales as catalogues.

A Catalogue must strike a perfect balance between presentation and layout, be visually attractive and pleasing to look with well presented facts. The cover and size should stand out and grab the customer’s attention immediately for it takes no less than a couple of seconds for the customer to decide whether it is worth it for taking home. Innovation holds the key here, an out of the box art work design and page size can have a dramatic effect. The quality of catalogue paper is another crucial factor; it must be nimble and glossy eschewing a special look and feel. A catalogue should never be all about over the top photos and extravagant words, but should be one that neatly blends the two espousing the brand’s value and its worth. It must connect with your target audience and instill in them a feeling of affinity for your brand.

A well-compressed 15 page catalogue with crisp but effective text, printed on slick glossy paper will work wonders as an effective marketing tool for far longer than you think off and flexible enough to be carried along with you on trips. Another notable factor of catalogues that sets it apart from other advertising mediums is its special life span in the marketplace. A well designed catalogue is most likely to last well beyond its projected duration period. For instance, a sportswear company that is more likely to have three catalogues at a time, one for general footwear, another for sportswear and one more for office wear. Similarly a catalogue for a restaurant could be a mix of item menu with restaurant’s history and uniqueness. Many retailers are said to use custom catalogues to merchandise their products and boost their sales. These custom catalogues are a sort of all in one information encyclopedia with specific tips and inputs highlighting their value.

A catalogue acts as your business portfolio. If you’re looking to boost your sales, a well designed catalogue could just be the right panacea. Set yourself apart from the crowd with professionally designed catalogue from ADROIT.

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